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"Being one who loves learning about all things horsey, naturally my interest was piqued when I found on Facebook, this new learning platform called “horse pro hub”. I joined up and I wasn’t disappointed. There is a plethora of information at our fingertips"

Paula Campbell

"After a serious back injury I've had some hip flexor issues so when I came across Rebecca's rider pilates series I've been loving including her exercises into my daily routine. I'm seeing great improvements already! Well worth the money spent"

Lyn Prescott

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Learn from all the Equestrian Experts from around the world you'd love to have access to - in one amazing streaming platform.

Enjoy Horse Pro Hub anywhere

Watch professionally produced videos, webinars and downloadable resources for training, education or entertainment, customised to suit your interests, on your device anytime.

Enjoy Horse Pro Hub anywhere

Watch professionally produced videos, webinars and downloadable resources for training, education or entertainment, customised to suit your interests, on your device anytime.

Customised to suit your horse
training needs 

Our mission is to create content that YOU want to see so we'll find an expert, send them a crew, and spend the day filming their expert advice - for you, and all our members.

Meet some of our Experts


Guy McLean


Considered worldwide to be one of the leaders in Natural Horsemanship training, Guy McLean is bringing his knowledge and expertise to Horse Pro Hub!
From basic groundwork right through to advanced, young horses to old, well behaved and problem horses, every horse owner will be able to gain invaluable knowledge from Guy's training series!

John Twomey


John Twomey, 5* Australian Eventer, Elite Eventing Specialist Coach and all-round great bloke! What John doesn't know about training for and riding a cross country course isn't worth knowing!

In his series of videos, made exclusively for Horse Pro Hub, John will help guide you through training the event horse in all 3 disciplines, showing you how to build better foundations, trust, and increase your confidence in your partnership with your horse

Rebecca Ashton

Pilates & Biomechanics


An experienced FEI dressage competitor and instructor, Rebecca has fine-tuned the regimes of Pilates and Biomechanics for riders to maximise their comfort, longevity and safety, as well as recovery from injuries and natural imbalances.

Her series of videos will have you maximising your posture and technique to improve your riding with daily exercises and targets.

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A word from our Founder!

As a professional in the industry for 30 years, Master Saddlefitter and FEI Dressage Rider/Coach Paula Jeffery explains why Horse Pro Hub STILL has her learning to be a better horse owner!
We have been recording these professionals from every facet of equestrianism; from vets, physiotherapists, rider fitness specialists, world class coaches, bitting experts, nutritionists, pole work and the list goes on!
We are bringing you their expertise and wisdom so you can tap into their years of experience to learn, improve your own skills, have a happier and healthier horse, and a wonderful horse journey!

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